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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  March 15, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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about another beautiful day. >> very warm today. record-challenging heat. i think we will see when record fall at reagan national. -- one record follette reagan national. we will be right up there near the record high. 58 in alexandria. our average afternoon high today is 56. we will be 82 this afternoon. a lot of sunshine. a chance of a thundershower west of the blue ridge. mainly great tomorrow with thundershowers in the midday through the afternoon and early evening hours. lower 80's and upper 70's tomorrow. >> not much to talk about. construction barrels have been put to bed. an accident is now gone. nothing to complicate your life on a 95 into richmond and baltimore and to the airport.
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metro rail is on normal service. we take you to some of the pictures you can see traffic moving nicely near the pentagon on 66. nothing on washington boulevard or 395. >> we begin with another round of -- for the victims of the shootings at virginia tech. >> the school was found negligent for not warning the public school -- soon enough. ben eisler has reaction. >> the family say it is has never been about the money. they say is about the fact the school will not admit it did not warn students fast enough, a mistake that some say cost them lives. >> nothing anybody does to say to anybody else brings our children back. >> he lost his daughter along with 32 other people killed.
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five years later, and he wears her initials on his lapel. he says he is faced frustration from the school's refusal to take responsibility. >> it is aggravating that the top player refuses to apologize or say they did anything wrong. >> he and other family members received validation. a jury found the school negligent for not warning faculty and students quickly enough. the families as suit had previously refused to take part in a settlement. emotions ran high. >> it is crazy the way they handled it. >> university officials thought the first murders were a domestic dispute and did everything they could. the jury awarded four million dollars to each family but the amount is capped at $100,000. >> for the first time, students
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at virginia tech will attend class is on the anniversary of the shootings. the rest president called the five-year mark a turning point with a new generation on campus. the university will plan events commemorating the tragedy. in past years, classes were suspended for the day. >> a former police officer and ice cream store owner is charged with sexually abusing a young boy. investigators say joseph ruhren sexually abused a board from 1996 to 2001. the abuse took place at his home. authorities believe ruhren that the boy while coaching wrestling. he is now behind bars. >> now to the council scandal three members confirmed their campaigns have received subpoenas asking for records of contributions. ephedra jury is seeking all documents related to corporate
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-- contributions from geoffrey thompson. tommy wells is believed to be the only city official who has now received campaign money. >> i think it is the culture of corruption that has caught up with us. i am not saying that anybody did anything wrong but i know there is a perception of a crisis of ethics. i hope the city council gets it. >> staff members for vincent gray say their campaigns have not been served with subpoenas. >> president obama says recent incidents in afghanistan will not lead him to bring u.s. street -- troops come sooner. >> we're going to complete this mission. >> during a news conference, the president said nato forces would hand over things to afghan forces. he plans to withdraw troops through 2014. many want troops to leave
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sooner. the american soldier accused of killing 16 afghan villagers and burning some of their bodies has left afghanistan. the military says this soldier who has not been identified, is being held in kuwait. officials say the transfer does not mean he will not be tried in afghanistan. 57 degrees on this thursday. >> still ahead learn what virginia is considering to make things easier for drivers to use easy task. >> mother nature is proving to be a challenge for the cherry blossom festival.
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>> and another beautiful day. >> adam is a very popular man with this forecast. you said it is going to be record-breaking heat. >> by one degree maybe two later on today. the record high is 81. dulles airport is 82 degrees. record-challenging heat. 58 in the district.
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56 in gaithersburg. in some cases above our average afternoon high, 56. a lot of sunshine, a few thundershowers. locally we will be dry. then tomorrow, a better chance to see more widespread showers. nothing severe. more action with added cloud coverage. still warm, upper 70's. mostly cloudy conditions at that point. it is above average for the time of year. how was the commute so hard? >> it is great. moving in our favor. then a noticeably heavier volume starting to wake up. as a whole, we are in good shape. 81 66, good run interstate 70 and nothing in and out of baltimore. park police were sent to look for a minor collision on the
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parkway northbound near 32. we will let you know what they find. the green light on 95 between fredericksburg and baltimore. >> virginia wants to make it easier for those of you who use easy pass. the commonwealth is working on a plan to sell transponders at grocery stores. it cost $35, available for tolls. virginia will open new toll facilities, including express lanes on the beltway. it is now 10 minutes past 5:00. >> a warning from martin o'malley. what he fears could happen if lawmakers do not pass his proposal. >> thanks to this warm weather you might want to change your plans this weekend and come down to see the cherry blossoms. oh dear... oh dear! ohh dear... i'm not sure exactly what happened here last night.
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>> you are watching abc7's good morning washington. this is good morning washington, on your side. >> checking our top stories the state will likely appeal a verdict of virginia tech was negligent for waiting to warn about the gun man on campus. it came in a lawsuit filed by the families of two students killed in the massacre. the school says it did all the could with the information it had. a former police officer and ice- cream store owners behind bars accused of abusing a young boy for several years. police say joseph ruhren abused the boy at his home between 1996 and 2001. the u.s. soldier accused of killing 16 civilians during a shooting spree has been flown to kuwait. the military says the transfer
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does not mean the trial will not be held in afghanistan. officials have not identified the soldier. >> are now malleus warning of consequences if lawmakers to not passes gas tax proposals. he says failing to raise the tax could read the -- the to crumbling roads. he wants to apply the sales tax to gasoline on top of the existing 23 cent tax. gas prices are still rising nationwide. the national averages $3.81 up 31 cents. in d.c., the averages $4.20. in virginia, at $3.72. the lions could start forming at apple's stores. -- lines could start forming at apple's stores. >> at least 1 million ipads will be sold tomorrow.
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that apple's stock is soaring as a result. if you do not want to wait in line, you can enter our facebook giveaway to win a free device. go to we will announce a winner tomorrow. >> i believe if you order online, it is a couple weeks wait to get it. hackers at a porn website get e- mails. >> most people snoop after finding a lost smartphone. >> streaming or downloading? the answer for the music industry is both. there is no evidence that on demand streaming killed digital download sales. streaming is hitting all-time highs and downloads are up 7%. billboard will now include the plays on streaming media in its charts and publish a new chart for on demand streaming. the data will come from the nielsen's rating service.
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one of the biggest porn sites has been hacked in the e-mail is -- addresses of 72,000 customers stolen and details on credit cards. none of the data was and corrected. what do you do when you find a smartphone? many people access to e-mail and social networking accounts. 43% tried to get into bank accounts. only half tried to contact to the donor. do the right thing, everybody. >> time to take a look at what is happening outside. >> almost a carbon copy of yesterday. >> lower 80's. record-challenging heat. >> i turned on my ac yesterday. it was fought. >> i heard a lot of them turning on. you are always nervous the first time. works, baby, work.
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it is going to be an unseasonably warm day. the record high is 81. the list is 82 degrees. i think we will be right to there, about 82 this afternoon. there is a chance of thundershowers. temperatures this morning are well into the 50's. just like the past couple of mornings. 46 in martin's press. 52 in of gaithersburg. 61 in southern maryland. clear skies overhead. a beautiful start to our day. a little bit of thundershower activity in ohio. a distinct line right there. that will dissipate as it runs into our atmosphere. we could get cloud over or leftover can cover from the system. we will keep an eye on that. of the rise later on, and expecting a few isolated -- i am
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expecting a few isolated thundershowers. the big story, temperatures '82 and sunday. to put this into perspective our average height is 56 degrees. i think today is our best that in terms of breaking a record high. we will cool a few degrees tomorrow. mostly cloudy conditions. more widespread showers and thunderstorms. i think the storms will be more numerous tomorrow. not stronger, just more numerous. sunday upper 60's. well above average for this time of year. that will be our low point. what about the commute? >> more numerous are the folks getting on the highway. 270, no accidents and 15, 340 70, and 270.
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just a little bit of a volume. good on four 95. to and from the american legion bridge. we will zoom to 95 in the parkway. we told you earlier they were looking for a collision at 32 but it has come up empty. folks in the district are good on york avenue. no worries on the beltway. we are good through fairfax along 95 395 and sprinkle. more from the geico pictures. -- springfield. more from the geico pictures. >> this morning a live look outside. tough to complain about this weather unless you suffer from allergies. >> there are a lot of people suffering right now. the weather is also affecting the cherry blossoms. john gonzalez joins us with more. these are blooming earlier. it might be touring organizers
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for a loop. >> absolutely. the national park service has changed the forecast for the cherry blossoms twice. there were penciled in for about march 26. now they could be in bloom by sunday. adjutancy, these buds are moving fast. -- as you can see, these buds are moving fast. 80's during a winter month? this is march madness. >> you see people dining and drinking outside. everyone is out with their kids. >> summer's entrance has the d.c. region abuzz. >> it is gorgeous. >> sidewalks have been teaming with diners and joggers. >> it is one of the warmest i can remember. >> of course, not everybody is loving these temperatures. tree pollen is already high for
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allergy sufferers. >> i was told in advance to medicate early and often. >> bugs are confused, too. this backyard is infested with ants. >> there was no freezing to kill everything. the numbers are going to be bad. >> these pink duties will not break to record this year. in 1990 they reached bloom today but it is going to be close because they're moving fast. the park service says that accrue witnessed one of these trees blossom in one day. -- a crew witnessed one of these trees blossom in one day. >> they might blossom by the end of the show. >> it is 5:21. >> with vermont in south florida moving on, now the countdown to the final four is on. it is all starting later today.
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>> pitching a good ball this spring. wow. >> it was good until that. making his third start for the national yesterday. still searching for his best stuff. the braves went on to a 6-5 win. during 100 m.p.h. but just one strikeout. >> it is early. give him some time. >> here is tim brant with the rest of this morning's sports. >> the n.c.a.a. tournament is under way. georgetown plays friday against the bruins.
5:26 am
they're getting ready for tomorrow. while they're favored by 5 points or the bruins, the experts are saying that belmont is the upset of the week. the bruins lost to derby -- duke early in the season. they have won 14 games in a row. >> there are a very good team. they have a couple of guards who are being aggressive and doing a great job getting position. from our perspective, we will have to be good. >> should be fun tomorrow. we will be there. there is a look at your morning sports. >> 5:26. 56 degrees on this thursday morning. the news continues at 5:30. >> the results on the land near the washington monument. how much it may have sunk from the earthquake. >> the owner of a popular ice
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cream shop is facing serious charges. >> record-challenging heat today.
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>> straight ahead, disturbing allegations against the owner of a popular ice cream stand and former police officer accused of sexually abusing a child for several years. good morning, washington, it is thursday. >> we will begin with the traffic and weather. adam is here to start us off.
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>> open up the windows now and turn on the ceiling fans in get the air circulating. it will warm up rather nicely this afternoon. let's go to the graphic. there is one little line of showers that should fall apart as it moves our way. for the most part, in the 50's, on our way to the lower 80s. that his record-challenging heat. the record is 81. i think we will beat that. in isolated thunderstorm mainly west of the blue ridge. >> i have a live picture to show you. we are role in very nicely. heading north on 95 out of fredericksburg where neighbors on the road. no problems have been reported. back to the news desk. >> thank you. we are following the criminal case symbolic -- involving a
5:31 am
police officer in the current owner of a popular ice cream stand. >> he is accused of sexually abusing a boy for about four years. >> good morning. ask anyone in this community and they will tell you this is a very popular place, this ice cream stand especially when we have warm weather like this. they say the owner is facing serious charges. the investigation started in 2010 and residents and customers say word of this is very concerning. police said the 41-year-old joseph ruhren is facing many charges for relaxed -- alleged sexual assault. authorities say he met his victim of coaching wrestling in the mid-1990s at a middle school. the alleged sexual abuse took place from 1996 through 2001 and
5:32 am
the boy was between 12 and 16. adding the alleged crimes happened the places he lived. detectives say he had prolonged access to children, the owner of a popular ice cream shop for he allegedly hired the boy. he was listed as a substitute for about a decade. we're told he would often give out coupons and partnered with local schools. >> he was the one that sold ice cream. rabbani loved him. -- everybody loved him. >> ruhren we understand is behind bars on unrelated charges. >> thank you. virginia expected to appeal a jury's decision of virginia tech was negligent for wedding to warn the gunmen was loose on campus. the verdict came in the bronx --
5:33 am
wrongful death suit filed by parents of victims. the parents argued lives could have been scared of the school acted sooner. the university said it did all it could with the information available at the time. >> nothing anybody does, the state or anybody else, brings our children back. the top player refuses to this day to apologize or say they did anything wrong. >> each family was awarded $4 million, but virginia lockups such awards that $100,000. >> the washington national cathedral has a host of repair problems. it needs more than $20 million to make the repairs after the august earthquake on top of $30 million for preservation work. the cathedral is not eligible for funding from fema because it is a religious institutions. surveyors say it appears land near the washington on meant
5:34 am
sank 2 millimeters during the august earthquake. the survey tells the washington post the findings are preliminary and the full results of a study will not be known for weeks. the monument has been closed since it was damaged by the earthquake. it could still be closed until sometime next year. >> we have 57 degrees. shaping up to be a gorgeous day. still ahead, former illinois gov. rod blagojevich headed to prison today. what he had to say during his last day of freedom. >> what metro is doing helping out for the rock-and-roll marathon. >> we will be right back.
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>> it is 5:47. it is going to be a warm day. let's jump into the temperatures early this morning. 58 right now in the district. 54, of fredericksburg. the morning temperatures are equivalent to our typical afternoon high temperatures.
5:38 am
82 this afternoon. it should break a record. slight chance of a shower west of the blue ridge. increasing clouds tonight. in the 50's again tomorrow. upper 70's for the high temperature, mostly cloudy with more widespread and numerous showers. not stronger just more of the action. notice the low point will be 69 degrees on sunday. at the record high day that day is 81. overall, today is the best chance to tie or break a record. by the way, by saturday, we will clear out. sunday, mostly cloudy with a chance of drizzle. >> going west on 66, reporting a stalled car on the ramp, but it is gone. 95 is working in your favor of fredericksburg up to the marine base in. on to 395 and across to
5:39 am
pentagon, we will look at the guy coat traffic center. more of the headlights, but still plenty of movement. we go back inside. >> metro making it a little easier to get to some major events downtown. transit agencies said trains will start running at 6:00 a.m. on saturday to help people get to the suntrust rock and roll usa marathon. however, red line trains will not be running between shady grove and rock bill, so keep that in mind. -- rockville so keep that in mind. >> rick santorum campaigning in peurto rican ahead of the gop primary. mitt romney will travel there tomorrow. despite the wins and alabama and mississippi by santorum, aides point out for romney he has half the delegates so far. newt gingrich shows no signs of abandoning his campaign. a >> the president will travel
5:40 am
to maryland to deliver remarks on american energy at prince george's community college. he hosted a state dinner for david cameron last that and talked about how he trusts the leader. >> i have seen his resolve and determination to get the job done whether it is writing our economies are succeeding in afghanistan. >> this is considered the biggest a dinner ever thrown by the obamas. 360 people invited including some popular a-listers, richard branson, warned buffett and george clooney. >> learn how local priest is to sit -- defending his decision not to give communion to a lesbian. >> changes for
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>> coming up at 6:00, plugging
5:44 am
the budget holes into the maryland suburbs. we will preview the announcement for montgomery county and prince george's. >> the latest fallout from a scathing op-ed that cost goldman sachs $2 billion in shares. >> we will catch up with the new cast of "dancing with the stars" and find out what is going through their mind. those stories and more at the top of the hour. >> the soldier charged in connection with one of the large as classified information leaks in u.s. history is expected to be in court today. bradley manning will be at fort meade for a motions hearing. he faces several charges including aiding the enemy for allegedly giving cigarettes to keep leaks. if convicted, he faces up to life in prison. >> the north carolina teenager disappeared in 2010 while visiting baltimore and was found dead months later. a lawyer has never been found.
5:45 am
about a dozen supporters testified before house committee in annapolis yesterday. the bill aims to better communication address law- enforcement and community groups. >> defending his decision to not let a lesbian receive communion, the priest. the father says by denying johnson communion, he did the only thing a faithful catholic priest could do. johnson says she is deeply saddened by his actions. the archdiocese placed among industry to leave after the incident. it's as he was removed because of intimidating behavior toward pasture -- staff members. >> rod blagojevich heads to prison today. >> he face the spotlight one last time insisting what he did was legal. and >> a man who led the spotlight as much as rod
5:46 am
blagojevich would have it no other way, a goodbye speech timed perfectly for last night's evening newscast before the former illinois governor leaves chicago this morning to begin serving a 14-year sentence at a federal prison in colorado. >> i am proud as i enter the next part of what is a dark and hard journey that i can take with me the sense of accomplishment. >> blagojevich is convicted of trying to sell or trade president obama's vacated u.s. senate seat as well as 17 other criminal counts. >> saying goodbye to my family will be the hardest thing i have ever had to do. >> the former governor maintains what he did was legal and an appeal will succeed. >> while my faith in things sometimes have been challenged, i still believe this is america a country governed by the rule of law. >> he greeted the crowd and eagerly signed autographs. the 55-year-old is reporting to a low security facility with
5:47 am
fewer incidents of violence. an ex inmate who coaches people heading to prison recommends blagojevich get to know the man he will be going to prison with. >> talk about his family and his regular life. do not talk about how he was a big shot on the outside. >> blagojevich is the second illinois governor and a row sent to prison for corruption. >> some airports security changes for older travelers. next week the transportation security administration will ease up on patdowns for people over 75 years of age. those passengers can keep their shoes and light jackets on. the new rules are part of an effort to move away from a one side -- one size fits all procedure. the government is launching a new anti-smoking campaign with disturbing images. >> it is aimed at shocking smokers into quitting.
5:48 am
it shows things like heart surgery, tracheotomy lost limbs or paralysis. the $54 million campaign has been the largest ever by the cdc. schools will soon have a choice when it comes to be served to students. the agricultural department is expected to make an aspin today. they can make an odd moment -- bulk ground beef that does not have the pink slime. the federal reserve you can follow them on twitter. >> if you are an apple investor, it is payday. with business news, we go to the bloomberg headquarters. >> good morning. lots of anticipation over apple's ipad released tomorrow. people already camping out in front of the fifth avenue store in new york city. investors want a piece of the
5:49 am
pie as well. shares closing at just under $590 a share yesterday. at least four analysts are projecting shares will hit $700 or more. the fed is ready to tweet. this is ben bernanke's lead is ever to reach out to the public. followers can see the fed pause press releases, testimony to congress, and even the weekly balance sheet. it seems those getting professionally social on linkedin that are credible resonates. according to the associated press, researchers say people are less likely to lie about big things on the resume posted on linkedin compared with traditional resumes because it is more public, social networking site and to be more easily verified in an online setting. that is business news. back to you. >> thank you so much. all the talk in washington are
5:50 am
the cherry blossoms. they are expected to reach their peak bloom even earlier than predicted. >> the blooming expected to begin on sunday, this sunday march 18. it is it expected to peak between march 20-23. the earlier prediction was between march 24-31. expected early bloom is being attributed to the warm weather. the problems are the parade will not be for another three weeks. >> those poor organizers. they have been organizing this for so long. perhaps they have locked out the past couple of years. -- >> they have locked out the past couple of years. it has been between march 29- april 1. this does a seller the blooming, for sure.
5:51 am
>> brittney and a picture. >> i keep telling you that. >> let's jump into the temperatures with record challenging heat on the where later today. 58 right now in the district. 48, winchester. 52, gaithersburg. clear skies overhead right now. beautiful stars out there. even a third quarter moon you can check out. the to the west. we have a little bit of energy causing a sharp line of thunderstorms and a high of stretching toward kentucky and west virginia. it will continue to move eastward, but we expected to fall apart into a moose into our area. i will keep a close eye on it.
5:52 am
should we see isolated shower pickets went over the mountains we will update you. otherwise, expect a good amount of sunshine was scattered clouds, 82 degrees for the high temperature. that should break a record at reagan national airport from the third 80 plus degree day in a row. a few thunderstorms possible west of the blue ridge. locally, there could be one or two showers. tomorrow, more widespread showers and storms. not stronger, just more numerous. mostly cloudy, upper 70's. that is still well above average for this time of year. we cool down to the upper 60s by sunday. that should be the low point. we will have a wind off the ocean increasing our clouds in giving us the chance of a little drizzle as well. we'll have that maritime influence which is always difficult to pinpoint exactly how and when the temperatures will be affected.
5:53 am
expect mostly upper senate -- upper 60s and cloudy on sunday. today is the best chance of sunshine. we will fairly below the record for the foreseeable future. it is unseasonably warm, but we have been here and beyond before. >> we are in pretty decent shape on 95 between richmond and baltimore. southbound 95 and northbound 95, nothing out of woodbridge to tack on to your travel times this morning. we're good on the toll roads 270 we looked at in the last report. by the next report, news choppers seven will be over 66. stick around for that. >> thank you.
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>> a new venture for the pope, his own brand of cologne. a scent he can only wear. lime tree and grass nation -- combination. he made a secret pact with the pope and has refused to release further details about the cologne, including the name. >> would you want it if it was available?
5:57 am
i think i will pass. >> bizarre crime and a papa john's west on in florida and it is caught on tape. >> a man walking into the business, putting on a pizza costume and then leaving out the store. police have released a more detailed description of the stolen costume. it is 6 feet tall and looks like a red giant piece of pizza. just in case you had a confused. the police are offering a reward for information leading to the arrest. >> what people will do. i'm amazed. still much more to come on the next hour. the >> more on the high price of gas and airline tickets. how we could see some relief soon. >> we will help you navigate your thursday morning co
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> is a sense of justice for a families of the protect victims. what yesterday's verdict means for the future of school security. >> a former cop accused of abusing a boy. >> celebrating the culture -- >> rod blagojevich steps into the spotlight one last time. >> later on, celebrating the culture of the united kingdom with the white house state dinner. what a night it was.


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